Redemption Face Oil awarded the Editor's Choice

We couldn't be more proud that our Redemption Face Oil was awarded the Editor's Choice from the Beauty Shortlist. 

Fiona Klonarides, Founder of The Beauty Shortlist, said she was, "really impressed by our choice of oils."  This means so much to us as ingredients is our number one priority in our skincare.  



Abyssinian oil makes up the majority of this nutrient rich organic face oil with its abundance of nutrients and vitamins with large amounts of omega 9.  It acts similar to silicone giving a soft finish with a luminous glow to your skin.  

Our Premium Rosehip and Rosehip CO2 extract is rich in retinoid acid, carotenoids and omegas that prevents the formation of wrinkles by assisting cell regeneration and promoting an increase of collagen and elastin.  

Use morning and night on its own after cleansing your skin or apply on top of your normal moisturiser for added benefits.  It works as a brilliant makeup primer under foundation for a smooth finish.

You can receive a free deluxe sample of the Redemption Face Oil with any Supernatural Beauty purchase made at Content Beauty or purchase direct here.

Reveal your Supernatural Beauty with the skin perfecting Redemption Face Oil



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