5 Face Washing Mistakes You Need To Stop Now

Great skin starts with cleansing.  The most basic of any skincare routine, but filled with so many common blunders.  Your age old routine may be the cause of your complexion woes.  
5 face washing mistakes you need to stop now
It's time to refresh your cleansing routine and stop the bad habits that could be keeping your skin from complexion perfection.

1. Washing your face with dirty hands

 At the end of the day you know you need to wash your face and get the days grime off, but you need to start by getting it off your hands before you touch your face.

    2. Washing your face too quickly

    It's not the most exciting part of our evening to clean our face but we know it's a job worth doing, so don't rush through it too quickly.  10 seconds of washing with a cleanser is not long enough to let all that ingredients get to work on your skin and properly remove dirt and bad oil.  Try to spend at leas a minute massaging your cleanser into your skin before washing it off.  

      3. Not removing your makeup thoroughly

      Not taking off your makeup thoroughly.  This can touch a nerve with so many, and I get so many eye rolls whenever I mention it.  But if you have makeup on you need to double cleanse.  Your first cleanse is to properly remove your makeup.  You need to cleanse again to wash your skin. This is the best way to ensure thoroughly cleansed, not overly cleansed skin.

        4. Breaking the myth - if it doesn't lather, it doesn't clean

        Soapy suds that give you that squeaky clean 'feeling' have been the epitome of cleanliness for a few generations now, but it’s time to get the story straight.  Foaming cleansers commonly use sulphates to create the lather that we love to see on our face and hands.  The more bubbles/lather/foam we see the cleaner the skin, or so we think.  

        However, this isn’t in fact true and using sulphates to wash your face will strip all the good and bad oils off your skin causing a chain reaction of oil production from you sebum glands to protect your skin from infection.  Your pores are left exposed and open to bacteria so your sebum glands get to work to produce oil quickly to protect your skin, which in turn leaves to a cycle of over active sebum.

          5. Over exfoliating 

          Over exfoliating can cause damage to the skin and premature wrinkles.  Facial cleansers that exfoliate should have particles that are small and soft, not big, sharp and rough.  Stay clear of ground stones and nuts and fruits such as apricot, olive and walnut.  Salt and sugar scrubs should be reserved for the body only, not the face. Over exfoliating can cause tiny cuts on your skin called micrometers that over an extended period of time can cause premature wrinkles from too much damage. 
            These five face washing mistakes are simple yet may be sabotaging your entire skincare routine.  Make the changes to refresh your cleansing routine to show your true Supernatural Beauty. 
            Stay Supernatural 

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