Our best natural makeup remover

The first rule to wearing make up is to always remove it before bed!  The amount of bacteria that can grow from the build of dirt and grime mixed in with our make up is a recipe for disaster.  Think clogged pores, sensitive skin and flare ups. Effectively removing all make up is key to your skin health.  

We love using our Glorious Cleansing Balm at the end of the day to remove make up, dirt and grime but to also easily remove that stubborn mascara. Taking the time to properly massage this cleansing balm into your skin can make a world of difference.  We've always believed in the art of double cleansing, especially when removing makeup.  The first cleanse is to lift off all the dirt of the day, including make up and the second cleanse is to nourish your skin and let the cleaners really work at improving your skin tone and texture. 



The superfine, food grade sodium bicarbonate gently polishes away dead skin cells to prevent blocked pores and our combination of coconut and castor oil acts like a little hoover on your face to lift off all the nastiness of the day without damaging your precious skin barrier. 

To remove mascara take a small amount of Glorious Cleansing Blam and warm between your fingers. Then gently rub your eyelashes between your fingers and your mascara will start to dissolve. Not only are you safely and effectively removing all mascara but you'll be nourishing your eyelashes helping them grow long and strong with coconut and castor oil. Say goodbye to panda eyes and hello to naturally long, thick lustrous eye lashes with our Glorious Cleansing Balm

Stay Supernatural x



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