Supernatural Beauty launches at Indie Beauty Expo

It's hard to believe that it was almost a month ago that Supernatural Beauty launched at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York City.  The beautiful Jillian Wright from Jillian Wright Skincare did the most amazing job of hosting the organic beauty event of the year.  We're already excited about exhibiting next year!  

It was a sold out show with over a thousand in attendance. We had a full day of sharing about our passion for natural and organic skincare, our inspiration behind creating Supernatural Beauty, what makes our products Supernatural and the power of organics. 

Supernatural Beauty launches at Indie Beauty Expo

There was such a palpable excitement to discover the latest and greatest in organic beauty.  With our stall swarmed all day with beauty editors, bloggers, buyers and distributors we were so grateful to come back with our expectations far exceeded.  

Our vision is to bring organic beauty out of the niche market and into the forefront of the beauty market.  Change is coming to the beauty industry due to the need for safe skincare, the demand for better regulations and the knowledge of hazards from toxic ingredients.   The passionate determination of so many entrepreneurs dedicated to creating organic skincare that actually works is bringing this change with a bang. 

We know first hand the power of organics and are so grateful to be able to share it with all of you with our range of water free, natural and organic skincare.  You'll see a difference not just in your skin, but long term with your health. With the rise of allergies and disease it's now a proven fact that repeat exposure to toxins is bad news for our health.  The future is most definitely green.

Together we can bring a change that creates a safer, healthier future.  We want to thank you all for your support in helping us get this far.  There is so much more to come and we hope you join us on the journey of Supernatural Beauty.

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Stay Supernatural xx

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