The Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is a wonderfully nourishing ingredient that comes from the seeds of the Karitee tree. Indigenous to Africa it has been used for centuries as a hair and skin treatment and for natural UV protection.  There are so many amazing benefits of shea butter which is why it's very commonly used in many cosmetics from shampoo and conditioners to face creams and body butters.  

the benefits of shea butter

However, shea butter is very commonly refined to reduce odour and bleached to make it white.  We know that the more processed and refined the shea butter the less effective it becomes. Raw organic shea butter is packed with nutrients and vitamins that nourish, heal and support the skins collagen production. 

Shea butter is very high in vitamins A, E and F and has a natural SPF of around 6 and essential fatty acids.  It is also non pore blocking making it perfect for all day wear allowing the skin to breathe.  It penetrates very deep into the skin helping to pull in important nutrients and provide long lasting moisture.  

It's incredibly softening for the skin and is even anti-inflammatory thanks to its cinnamic acid.  Your skin becomes baby soft without a greasy feeling.  If you apply raw shea butter and your skin feels greasy it means you're using too much.  Being naturally high in fat means a little goes a long way.  

The benefits of shea butter are endless from eczema to acne and dry hair and an itchy scalp.  We love using it as a super luxe body moisturiser in our Miracle Balm.  You'll get the best of the benefits of shea butter using it in a water free formula.  

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