Winter Skincare Routine

In severely cold weather our skin is literally walking around in a freezer and our face is the only thing we don't cover. This can cause extreme moisture loss and damaged skin that looks dull, dehydrated and red.  

 Winter skincare Supernatural Beauty

Here's our Winter Skincare Routine: 

1. Start your skintervention at night. If you wake up with dry, patchy and dull skin you can only create a temporary improvement.  Take the time in the evening to deeply cleanse your skin with an exfoliator like our Glorious Cleansing Balm.  You need to remove all the dead skin cells to help your skincare sink deeper and spend a few extra minutes massaging your face oil in for a smooth glowing finish. 

3. Layer, layer, layer - the basic cleanse, tone, moisturise routine just doesn't cut it in the cold.  This is when you get all your skincare goodies and layer them on.  Go for more moisturising ingredients with omegas such as Avocado, Pomegranate and Tamanu oil all found in our Salvation Face Oil.

4. Love your Balm. You may see balms as more of an emergency treatment for chapped lips, eczema prone skin or dry patches, but now's the time to use it as a nighttime treatment mask, trading in your night cream.  Make sure it's completely natural (you don't want to cover your skin in pore blocking synthetic ingredients) and contains omegas. Massage the balm wherever your skin feels the most dry and tight, and don't forget your eyes.  Rub it gently around your eye socket to wake with brighter eyes.

We love using our 100% organic Miracle Balm at night.  Blended with 16 oils to soothe, correct, and nourish containing omegas 3,6 & 9 and a wide range of vitamins, minerals and natural steroids. Get yours here

5. Finally, drink plenty of water.  Colder days and longer nights mean we can add in a few extra cups of tea and coffee.  This causes further dehydration and will effect your skin. For every cup of caffeine drink two glasses of water and add in some lemon to further detox and add a boost of vitamin c. 

Stay Supernatural xx

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