Why Your Skin Needs Cleansing Oils

Cleansing oils are having a big moment which has caused the entire beauty industry to start focusing heavily on all things oil.  But exactly how does oil cleanse your skin?  
Genesis Cleanser
I used to always chose cleansers that were labelled as ‘gentle’ and ‘mild’ knowing that sulphates were way too harsh on my skin.  But this took on a whole new meaning when I discovered the oil cleansing method and started using pure cleansing oils to wash my face. 
First, knowing which oils will do the job of cleansing is vital.  With so many different oils to chose from it’s important to understand that we need to use oils that sit on the top of the skin and not absorb into the skin too quickly. Oils like castor, coconut, apricot, sweet almond and more make wonderful cleansing oils. 
When you message cleansing oils onto the skin the good oils bind to the bad oils and impurities on the surface and act like a hoover to effectively lift off dirt when washed off. Oil cleansing also maintains the healthy ph balance of your skin.  
Abrasive cleansers, that contain sulphates and oil free formulas, strip away everything from the skin (good and bad) leaving it very unbalanced and exposed to infection.  This then causes the sebum glands to produce more oil to balance and protect the skin. 
But what if I have oily skin?  Is it possible for oil to cleanse my oily skin?  Absolutely.  Oil cleanses oil.  No matter what your skin type using a cleansing oil will do the best job at removing bad oils from you skin.  And by protecting and nourishing your skin in the process your sebum glands will become less active balancing out the need to overproduce oil for your skin. 
We include castor oil in our Genesis Cleanser and Glorious Cleansing Balm as this is a very thick and viscous oil that sits on top of the skin and attracts dirt and bad oil to itself to give a deep and thorough cleanse for your skin.
We tend to find mineral oil (aka baby oil) in many main stream brands of cleansing oils.  This may make an excellent makeup remover, however it is a poor choice for cleansing as it binds in moisture and blocks pores trapping in dirt making it difficult to remove.  Natural cleansing oils use pure botanical oils that not only do a stellar job at cleansing, but nourish the skin with active nutrients and minerals to improve the tone and texture of your skin.  
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