Meet the Maker at Content Beauty & Wellbeing

We were overwhelmed with the love and support during our "Meet the Maker" event at Content Beauty & Wellbeing on Saturday.  There's nothing we enjoy more than getting to meet customers and green beauty fanatics alike face-to-face to share our passion for natural and organic skincare.  

Supernatural Beauty at Content Beauty & Wellbeing

We met these lovely bloggers and journalists and more

With a vision to revolutionise the beauty industry with truth and transparency we love sharing about our organic ingredients and how they make a difference not just for your skin but for your future health as well.  We loved meeting bloggers and journalists from Farheenxo,  The Stylum, Rainbowfeet and Galinka. The future is most certainly green and we couldn't be in better company.

Supernatural Beauty at Content Beauty & Wellbeing

Sharing Supernatural Beauty's success with our children was a proud moment.  After all, it's their future that we have in mind with each formula.  A future of safe, effective skincare that improves your skin health, not just appearance. 

We want to say a big thank you to all the Supernatural Beauties who came out to support us and helping us succeed to make a difference. 

Stay Supernatural x

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