New Year's Intentions

Hey Beauties,

I know I'm late to the whole "resolutions' party, but truth be told I've been too busy spending quality time with my family and staying as far away from my to-do list as possible.

I've always been a #goals kinda gal.  Give me a target and I'll shoot straight at it, but this year I'm taking a more relaxed approach.  I'm setting some New Year's Intentions and focusing less on adding new goals/habits, but instead working on eliminating the clutter.  

New year's intentions

Clutter just gets in the way, slows you down and can slowly drive you crazy (or is it just me!).  Being more mindful of what we can remove from our daily lives and not what we want to add, can be a very refreshing and balanced approach to change.

I take this same approach to formulating my skincare, always asking the question of what can I remove from the ingredients list, clear away the "stuff" that just fills up the jar, and make more space for the real ingredients that make a difference.  For me, that means making sure everything is natural - no synthetics or nasties, with as many organic ingredients as possible.  

I hope this year you'll join me in eliminating the clutter, unnecessary and downright harmful "stuff" from your life and focus on only the good.

Stay Supernatural,

Jenny Cupido


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