Supernatural Beauty Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

Celebrate our first anniversary with us 

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be celebrating Supernatural Beauty's 1st anniversary.  It’s hard to believe an entire year has gone by since our launch at Indie Beauty Expo last August in NYC. 
Supernatural Beauty Celebrates its 1st Anniversary
We’re thankful to each of our Supernatural Beauties who are joining us on our journey bringing true beauty to the forefront of the skincare industry by using real ingredients that come from the earth, not machines. 

There's so much more to come 

The best part is that this is only the beginning.  We have so much more planned over the next year and beyond to bring you better service and more supernatural products for your daily needs.  By choosing organic skincare with Supernatural Beauty you are eliminating toxic build up in your endocrine system and reducing the risk of allergens, sickness, reproductive issues and even disease.  

Choosing Supernatural Beauty helps make a difference in the world

But the impact is so much greater than just you and I.  We’re making a difference to every part of the beauty industry, reducing toxic waste that pollutes our water and harms the delicate eco system, eliminating the need for pesticides that cause over 20,000 deaths per year and taking a stand against misleading labels and harmful ingredients.

The power of organic oil to reveal your Supernatural Beauty

We’ve received so many amazing testimonials about how Supernatural Beauty is helping to heal eczema, calm psoriasis and sensitive skin, melt away wrinkles and sun damage, reduce the appearance of scars, and rescue dry, dull skin with long lasting moisture and baby soft skin.
Bust most of all, we love helping you fall in love with your skin again by revealing your Supernatural Beauty with a luminous glow your skin deserves, all from the power of organic botanical oils.

From helping family skin issues to a better future for skincare

What started with a need to help my sons eczema and find a path to health when I was diagnosed with a hypothyroid has turned into helping others with these same needs and more with our Supernatural Beauty formulas that not only work effectively to improve the appearance and long term health of your skin, but also your overall health. 
We can't wait for the years ahead as we continue on our journey.  Thank you for helping us make a difference.  Why not share this with your friends so we can celebrate together. 
Stay Supernatural,
Jenny Cupido
Co-Founder & CEO

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