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The Peridot Mag | Co-Founder Jenny Cupido

The Peridot Mag Co-Founder of Supernatural Beauty, Jenny Cupido, was interviewed for new digital green beauty and wellness magazine The Peridot Mag.  Join us as on Monday, July 18th at 3:30pm as Jenny Cupido will be doing a live Q&A over on The Peridot Mag.  The Peridot Mag | Co-Founder Jenny Cupido In a world that is increasingly globalized, where we are so far removed from the people who make our clothes, grow our food and make things that we use on a daily basis, there are little pockets of resistance – the artisan beauty makers. Here, the theme is transparency and genuine joy for the products that they create (of course not all are equal, or have the same principles, but...

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See why Beauty Blogger, Charlotte Williams, is a huge fan

We had the great privilage of meeting Charlotte from, The Stylum, back in February at the Bloggers Hangout event during London Fashion Week.  It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship as Charlotte also showed up at our store launch at Content Beauty the following month and told us she's, "a huge fan" of Supernatural Beauty.   After trying out our Glorious Cleansing Balm and Redemption Face Oil she said, "I won't lie, I had high expectations for this product as founder Jenny has raved about it so much and you know what... I wasn't disappointed!" "A little bit goes a long way with the Glorious Cleansing Balm, you warm a tiny bit between your fingertips and it literally takes...

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Content Beauty speak with our Founders

Supernatural Beauty is exclusively sold at Content Beauty and we had the privilege of sharing about our founding story with them.    Say hello to Supernatural Beauty – the latest Great British Beauty range to land at Content! We spoke to founders Tyron and Jenny about their family-run natural beauty business and how the products came to fruition. Passionate about creating effective, luxury, organics with truth and transparency at the core of their philosophy, it’s one brand we could instantly get behind. Read more...  

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