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Essential Oils - Your Secret Weapon

Essential oils are getting quite the buzz with the rise of distributors bringing the long lost art of traditional medicine back to life. More and more people are becoming aware of what they're ingesting to cure the common cold or the seasonal flu and are returning to the retro medicine cabinet filled with extracts, herbs and oils and discovering the secret weapon of essential oils. So what's so essential about essential oils?   Essential oils are made through several methods, but most commonly steam distillation which pushes steam through the plant and extracts the volatile chemicals (essence) of the plant.  It takes hundreds of pounds of flowers, stems and/or leaves to distill one batch of essential oil.  It is labour intensive but...

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The Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is a wonderfully nourishing ingredient that comes from the seeds of the Karitee tree. Indigenous to Africa it has been used for centuries as a hair and skin treatment and for natural UV protection.  There are so many amazing benefits of shea butter which is why it's very commonly used in many cosmetics from shampoo and conditioners to face creams and body butters.   However, shea butter is very commonly refined to reduce odour and bleached to make it white.  We know that the more processed and refined the shea butter the less effective it becomes. Raw organic shea butter is packed with nutrients and vitamins that nourish, heal and support the skins collagen production.  Shea butter is very high in...

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