Our Story

Tyron and Jenny have always made family a priority.  So when their son developed eczema and Jenny was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 25 causing her skin to prematurely age, they started looking for answers.  
Eczema has risen by over 40% just in the UK in the space of five years and there are now more cases of allergies in our children’s generation than ever before.  Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including, but not limited to asthma, learning disabilities, cancer and infertility) are on the rise, and due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals which can be found in conventional cosmetics.  It's not just what we put in our bodies that effects our health, but also what we put on our bodies. 
Together they decided to make a difference in the cosmetic industry by challenging the status quo for skincare.  Not looking at just profits and cheap ingredients, but creating skincare the was natural and effective with no hidden nasties and misleading labels.
This started their passionate journey into natural and organic skincare as Jenny began formulating skincare for their family needs.  They quickly saw visible results when their son was successfully rid of eczema after applying Miracle Balm daily for two weeks and Jenny's skin regained  its youthful complexion using the Glorious Cleansing Balm and Redemption Face Oil.  As they shared their skincare with friends they began to see even better results.  Testimonies of disappearing wrinkles, age spots, sun spots and scarring.  Even oily and acne prone complexions were radically transformed and sensitive skin that was inflamed and irritated from rosacea and psoriasis saw drastic changes all from their Supernatural Beauty formulas. 
Supernatural Beauty was founded to bring Effective, Luxury, Organics with truth and transparency at our core.  Using only natural ingredients for supernatural results.